* Once you have been accepted as a "GSA teacher" please follow the below general instructions:   

STEP 1: Sending your info

  • Please send the following information to

    • Biography:
      Example: Sachiko Montgomery is a graduate in psychology from Boston University, has worked with young children for over 10 years, and was a teacher's assistant for second grade students at an international school for the last three years. Other than her college years she has lived in Japan her whole life and is a fluent bilingual speaker of Japanese and English.

    • Comment:
      Example: Hi my name is Sachi, I have a little dog name Xavi and I live in Los Angeles. I  love Sushi and Ramen. On Weekends I enjoy going to Karaoke with my friends. I think we provide a great academic base for kids around the world and can't wait to teach kids on-line!

    • Bio Video: Press to see example bio video (please be aware that the video has the largest impact on the student deciding to reserve your class)

    • Bio Photo: A great profile photo of yourself (please be aware that the video has a large impact on the student deciding to reserve your class)

    • Please check your bandwidth speed through this link (USEN SPEED CHECK) and send your Mbps number as well (ex: 66.051 Mbps) 

STEP 2: Register to the communication tool "SLACK"

  • GSA Admin Team will send you a "Slack account" (reference: slack is a real-time communication tool to communicate and task manage real time among the teachers and the entire academy), please accept the invitation.

  •  Please download the Slack application on your smartphone to be able to keep up with real-time communication and get notification regarding substitute opportunities

STEP 3: Login to the GSA System

  • GSA Admin Team will send you your GSA teacher account:

    • Teacher account name will be: your "e-mail address"

    • Temporary Password will be sent to you

  • Please login from the following link: (please bookmark this link for easy access)

STEP 4: Managing the Teacher "Main Page"

  • Once you sign in you'll enter your GSA Teacher Main Page. What you'll see is:

  • Home (top right) : takes you to the Teacher main page

  • Curriculum (top right) : shows you all the lessons in the GSA curriculum. You can see the details of each of the lessons

  • Log out (top right) 

  • Teacher Name (top left)

    • Classes that the teacher is signed up for (under the "Classes" section)

      • itle of the class the teacher will be teaching (click the title and you'll be able to see the details of the class including notes on how to teach it)

      • Course (separated by age: Pre-kids (student under approx. 4 years old), Kids-Standard (students between aprrox. 5~14 years old), Adult (over 15 years old)

      • Students that have reserved the teacher's course (student's full name is under the "Students" column. Click on their name and you can see their info and past teacher / student relation comments)

      • Date / Time of when the class starts ("Start" column)

      • Duration of the class ("Duration" column)

      • Class completion status ("Completed" column)

      • Class Room link ("Room" column)

      • Column to complete classes ("Mark" as completed" column)

    • Students you cover (under the "Students" section) - press any of the student names and you can see their info and past comments

STEP 5: Teaching a class

  • Check the class title and notes before class. If you do not know how to teach the class ask Ivan Fedoroff "@ivan", Steven Skelton"@sskelton79" or the "@teachers" channel on Slack to get some suggestions or advice

  • Check the student info and previous comments from other teachers to differentiate and focus on the right method of teaching for the particular student

  • 15 minutes before the class send a "Ready" notice on the "Ready" channel on Slack. If you have back to back classes please type as the following: "Ready: 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30"

  • Please enter the live classroom 5 minutes before the class starts. Press the "Enter gsa-class-XX" (i.e. Enter gsa-class-44) to enter the class room

    • CAUTION: you need to be using one of the following browsers: 1) Google CHROME or 2) FIREFOX

  • If there are any problems or questions please contact: GSA Admin team through Slack "teachers" channel

STEP 6: Completing A CLASS

  • Please exit your live class room screen by pressing the Exit Room icon on the top right (looks like a door with an arrow)

  • You will return to the GSA Teacher "Main Page". Please click on the students name (it will only have the first name of the student) under the class that the you taught. You'll see the following screen:

  • There will be a 2 step process that you must take every time you complete a lesson:
    • Decide on the Level / Chapter / Lesson the student should be in
      • "Today's lesson" will show the Level/Chapter/Lesson number that the student took (i.e. 2-1-14 will look like the above)
      • "User's next lesson" will show the next lesson (i.e. if today's was 2-1-14 then next is 2-1-15) automatically. UNLESS if the teacher believes that the student should "re-do", "return to a class that they had taken before", "retake the class" they can manually change the Level, Chapter and / or the Lesson.
      • Please be very careful when doing this and if you are not sure please consult with other teachers / team members using Slack
      • Caution: Level 1 (1-1-1), Level 3 (3-1-1), Level 5 (5-1-1) are preparatory levels therefore only have 1 lesson in the level (i.e. there is no 1-1-2, 3-1-2 or 5-1-2). These prep levels are made so students can stay in the level until they are ready for the core curriculum levels, therefore, for these you'll see that the "User's next lesson" default will be set to stay with the lesson they took that day       
    • Write a comment regarding the student. The comment should:
      • Start with the Lesson Time
      • Include what lesson you taught
      • 2 line detailed comments on the students performance
      • Recommended next lesson (which you had expressed in the 1st step when deciding the next level / chapter / lesson for the student)
      • Rubic score:  
      • Comment Example: 
        LESSON TIME: 6:00-6:30AM -------TAUGHT: 2-2-8 Key Ideas in a Story.  I showed "student name" a ballet story in the message bar.  She read it to me, then retold the story to me in her own words. Next Ideal Lesson: 2-2-9, SCORE: PC:4 SC:3 E:3 PU:3 R:5

* The following are the Rubic Scores that are scaled from 1~5.

PC = Participation Count (How well a student participates in class)
SC = Speech Clarity (How well a student enunciates the words)
E = Enthusiasm (How active the students is in class)
PU = Proper Usage (How well a student uses the word in context
R = Responsibility (How well a student is prepared for the lesson)